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+ alt-alternia == free reign from canon

+ there is no hemospectrum on my planet. blood color order is more like how the alphabet works than anything meaningful. and color-specific powers are more like family inheritance

+ quadrants are also just loose poly-relationship-labels. used like partner/spouse/whatever.


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+ The earliest known relatives of trolls are a set of humanoid lifeforms of different biological "kingdoms" (eusocial insects, reptiles, aquatic, etc).

+ Modern trolls are a result of the mixture of these lineages into the insect/mammal/other hybrid species they are today.

+ Bloodcolor differences can be attributed to different ancestral ties.

+ Ex: Jadebloods are more plant-like -- shown in vampires mostly. Photosynthetic, carniverous plants.

+ Lusii evolved alongside the ancestral color and therefore live to suit any biological uniqueness. also playing around with the idea of one lusus taking care of an entire lineage.

+ Ancestral lines of planetary leaders have their own shades of blood due entirely to meta-narrative mechanisms. As soon as a new line takes over the planet their blood color is retconned to be a slightly unique variant of their old one (for cool factor/cataloguing exclusively).


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+ Divided into EPOCHs defined by the ruling family at the time.

+ Changes in EPOCH happen unpredictably and the second the ruler is overthrown the entire planet goes into chaos as they shift things around.

+ It takes several sweeps to settle into routine. And some end before the routine can be established at all.


+ 3 generations of ochrebloods.

+ Cyber-dictatorship with vast leaps in technology and a degraded automated culture.


+ Progenitor. Tech startup billionare.

+ Slipped past the current empire/public's defenses by taking advantage of the value of convenience over personal liberties.

+ The hyper-efficient super-armored mail drones that can connect to your smart fork were all part of a dictator's plan! Wow! Who could've guessed?!


+ Militant aesthetic dictator.

+ Sat around reading sci-fi novels and designing ridiculous uniforms and spacecrafts.

+ Never made it out of the solar system, never planned to.


+ Hyper-digital technomancer who used the planet like a giant game of the sims.

+ Surface culture of entertaining Cantan through a mandated job, hobbies, friends, etc.

+ Underground culture of secrecy and bitching.

+ The ancestors are living in the end of this EPOCH.


+ Formal name for the transitional end of the monarchy system.


+ Gutted Cantan and painted a tapestry with their blood.

+ Aimed to return the planet to its biopunk roots

+ [rips out ur mind control chip and hands you some clay] ur welcome!

+ Leurna was the head of a political council containing the ancestors that wanted to stick around and help out.

+ As I learn more about politics I'll develop this more but as it stands, other trolls took over as the years went, etc


+ figurehead leader. basically just a celebrity with inherited public goodwill.

+ The planet's problematic fave. Hate to love them or love to hate them.

+ Known for public displays of power (avant garde performance art).

+ Therefore, she is currently planning a MASSIVE ART-EVENT to end the Hydean EPOCH. It is talked about with the malevolent reverence of an approaching natural disaster.


+ The worst of the Thopils destroyed most of the planet's pre-them history. Spelunking for scraps/recreating vintage culture is very popular.

+ Free-reign art anarchy continues!

+ Rural areas are kitchy and cozy.

+ Urban areas are more competitive with clubs/themed-areas.

+ Lithor's old space bases have been converted into orbiting commune/entertainment centers. Imagine if the Price is Right was made on the Space Colony ARK.

+ Bartering is popular, and so is custom currency composed of cute pixel art stickers.

[Homebrew God Tiers]

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(+) == support class, uses aspect to assist the ability of their team

(-) == solo class, uses aspect to further their own power




(+)Lock - One who devotes to [aspect]. An inventor; they've reinvented the box that is their aspect. They produce genius || get caught up in the impossible.

(-)Wiz - One who is devoted to [aspect]. A monastic; they live by their aspect. They're experts at their craft || are consumed by their passions.



(+)Web - One who is the core of [aspect]. A hearth; they weave their aspect into security for their allies. They are everyone's safe place || struggle to bear the weight.

(-)Cue - One who controls [aspect]. A commander; they've siezed the means of their aspect. They have a vast reach || don't take failure well.



(+)Con - One who is punished by [aspect]. A martyr; they bear the brunt of their aspect so noone else has to. They grow stronger through their trials || must remove themselves from the cross.

(-)Hang - One who punishes [aspect]. An executioner; their aspect isn't going anywhere while they're around. They stomp out any failing || have to work through some control issues.



(+) Plague - One who brings [aspect]. A vector; they spread their aspect to cure the session of its inverse. They justify the ends || with questionable means.

(-) Dirge - One who resists [aspect]. A widow; they mourn their aspect’s inverse while piddling their inheritance. They have an infinite drive || are hung up on what they can’t have.



(+) Pawn - One who fights for [aspect]. An advocate; they champion their aspect and protect it from any who would tarnish it. They are strongly devoted || are just as subborn.

(-) Rook - One who cheats [aspect]. A charlatan; they skip the bullshit of their aspect to get to the good part. They get fast results || lose out on the journey.

[Embody] (master classes)


(+-) Tower - One who changes [aspect]. An anarchist; they break out their aspect from all who would contain it. They renew the foundation || bring the supports crashing down .

(+-) Mesa - One who maintains [aspect]. A conservationist; they ensure their aspect fits the status quo. They have an unshakable stability || revel in stagnance.

[Godtier Theorycrafting/Powers]

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all the locks
+ Known locks: Pyuker(Heart), Grewni(Life), Denmyr(Light)
+ Locks bring their aspect to the physical through creating artifacts.
+ Pyuker makes identity-collages and tumbles soul-stones.
+ Grewni makes arts-n-crafts with restorative properties.
+ Denmyr creates divine structures.
+ Locks are decisive and satisfied with their choices.
+ They also have some inclination towards food?
+ Romantics.

all the wizzes
+ Known wizzes: Churis(Light), Trixie(Breath), Cephal(Space)
+ Wizzes bring their aspect to the physical through the manifestation of muses- mischievous hint-givers that help and hinder indecipherably.
+ Churis creates Muses of Discovery that cheep and holler with laughter when he gets a new lead.
+ Trixie creates Muses of Whims. They spring up impulsively and tug her in opposing directions.
+ Cephal creates Muses of Distance that send them on far off waypoints and criticize his gunmanship.
+ Collectors, eccentrics.
+ Socially isolated in a self-imposed way. They're introverted to a fault. But very devoted to ppl that manage to get past the walls.
+ Divisive personalities.


all the webs
+ Known webs: Theque(Light), Macula(Life), Crptyk(Mind)
+ Webs conjure their aspect from their work into potions/buffs to distribute amongst their session.
+ Theque creates opportunity from her reputation. Potions of luck and direction.
+ Macula creates growth from her stockpile. Typical HP potions, strength buffs, basically a Web of Life is your RPG savior.
+ Crptyk creates tipz and trickz from divination. Potions of foresight, disguise, and calm. The hints NPC.
+ Social keystones, problem solvers, who you go to when somethings wrong.
+ Fashionable? Aesthetic forward.
+ Optimists who know how to fix it.
+ Webs are full to bursting with care and love!! If a web likes you you're gonna know.

all the cues
+ Known cues: Caszra(Life), Metace(Light), Caunix(Heart)
+ Cues conjure their aspect from their session and distribute it
+ Caszra can distribute literal "life", funds, and progress. She could make an undead army or master the stock market its really up to her.
+ Metace can distribute literal "light", knowledge, luck, and relevance.
+ Caunix can distribute souls, affection, identity, and individuality. They can make posessed items!!!
+ socially filtered. caszra's host-persona, metace stays in the shadows, cantle's ventriloquism
+ *hands u an aspect*
+ they all have strong drives and big ideas but are bad at small picture stuff like domestics and relationships
+ they've all got that flavor of autism spectrum that makes organizing all ur junk really fun. cues aren't ones to leave a system be. it can always be more efficient.
+ if you have a cue in ur life please check up on them they're probably forgetting meals


all the cons
+ Known cons: Guy(Void), Delphi(Hope), Vesper(Mind)
+ Cons have a powerful control of their aspect at a personal cost. This cost is based on how much of this power they use.
+ Guy can hide anything away at the cost of his own relevance. The more important/ubiquitous, the longer he cannot be percieved.
+ Delphi can be the backbone to powerful ideas but must spend an equal amount of time spaced out on the couch doing absolutely nothing and pissing in bottles.
+ Vesper can make objective and fore-thought decisions, the more consequential they are the more brain-dead impulsive they become in the immediate future.
+ resigned to their aspect in a way.
+ always having to deal with the repercussions of other people's actions.
+ a lot of self-imposed bullshit.
+ the people that do everything for everyone else until one day they just stop
+ their self esteem is in the garbage

all the hangs
+ Known hangs: Zipper(Time), Menkel(Light), Cantan(Doom), Derbin(Hope)
+ Hangs have a total control of their aspect, but can only expend this power in stupidly limited ways.
+ Zipper has complete control of the timeline but can only go back seconds at a time.
+ Menkel can understand everything about a limited number of niche topics at a time.
+ Cantan can "doom" things to happen at a slow, preventable rate. (you will die. but it will take 70 years.). They can also impose rules on a session but only in groups of 900 (dooming them to loopholes and invalidations).
+ Derbin can bring life to any idea but only in tiny bits (derbin has magic depression)
+ hangs want to be cues. they want to direct their aspect and have control but, they're control Freaks and everything scrambles for freedom under their grasp.
+ obsessive, distant
+ sburb is very mean to Hangs it dangles what they want right infront of them but gives them drips at a time.
+ to ascend they have to stop grasping so tightly. they have to rely on the powers of others (fraymotifs) to get their own to be of any use
+ hangs gravitate towards pushy people, and generally anyone that pushes their buttons.


all the plagues
+ Known plagues: Meffer(Life), Ryphus(Space), Lodote(Doom), Malode(Hope)
+ Plagues are an indiscriminate debuff class. Their abilities project their personal faults to allies and enemies.
+ Meffer inspires risks and impulsivity. Some types of growth bear thorns.
+ Ryphus romanticizes isolation and distance; makes resignation and observation more appealing.
+ Lodote is a dream crusher who will poke holes in anything. She curses her allies with self-fulfilling prophecies.
+ Malode promotes uncritical belief and passion. She brings to life ideas best left on paper.
+ Stubborn about their aspect in a way that puts people off.
+ Like bards/muses
+ Isolated (quarantined?) in a way. Social/physical/both?
+ Their personalities are very convincing which brings you along in their ride through the destructive parts of their aspect

all the dirges
+ Known dirges: Kyutie(Mind), Melene(Blood), Romrys(Hope)
+ Dirges have a deep untapped potential in their own aspect while they struggle to understand its inverse.
+ Kyutie but she'd rather drive herself bananas trying to fit her personality into a neat box.
+ Melene is a natural born leader who resists connections in favor of unsatisfactory solitary wandering.
+ Romrys has a deep, genuine optimism that they stifle down in favor of wanton destruction
+ Persona-focused. A duality of the self. Some percieved "real self".
+ They're like Knights but if Knights were more like Princes.
+ Relentless pursuit of their aspect's inverse with a disregard to their actual aspect.
+ In this case I dont think aspect inverses are set in stone. Maybe more to do with how the player percieves/lives it?
+ Power-wise they use the abilities of their inverse like a beginning Page. Weak and misdirected. For their own aspect they're more of an heir but they just refuse to make the most of it


all the pawns
+ Known pawns: Ixychu(Blood), Muse(Void), Leurna(Breath)
+ Pawns serve their aspect by percieving the weaknesses in its hold on the session and "defeating" them. They can also create shields/temporary fixes to a gap in their aspect.
+ Ixychu can punch an argument to death. And make temporary bonds with blood-chains.
+ Muse can wrestle away relevance and unwanted curiosity; they put invisibility tarps up.
+ Leurna will kick your obligations' ass. And give you a handheld fan.
+ Commanding, wide-reach. Tactician-esque?
+ Driven, goal-oriented, tunnel vision.
+ Their aspect is their achilles heel that they have to shield.
+ I think it would be very funny to watch Ixychu and Leurna fight. With their opposing aspects.

all the rooks
+ Known rooks: Myxoph(Mind), Pochen(Time), Mintha(Light)
+ Rooks have the gameshark of their aspect- they study other classes and can load those abilities into their skillset as they see fit
+ Think of it like an ability point system. They start off only being able to have a few powers and can switch them out/gain more points as they go.
+ They have a strong attunement to their aspect that is forced onto them.
+ Myxoph -> undead and immortal. easy to be detatched and think ahead.
+ Pochen -> robotic body keeps perfect time. calculated.
+ Mintha -> has had their brain overloaded with information at the cost of their personal memories.


[Tower / Mesa]
the embody classes
+ Known towers: Callyx(Doom)
+ Known mesas: Scocer(Doom)
+ Towers can expand parts of their aspect- its influence on the session.
+ Mesas can reduce parts of their aspect- its influence on the session.
+ Callyx turns explosions to maximum and suddenly its like SBURB has creepers in it.
+ Scocer reduces inevitability and accidentally fucks up gravity. Dropping a glass no longer means it falls and breaks. The session has become a youtube poop.
+ Think how the alphas had a VOID session/betas had a DOOMed session. But if it was less metaphor and more ridiculous.
+ Sessions with embody classes hopefully have a tower AND a mesa to balance out the gameplay changes.